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Tightwire Is Available On Amazon

Tightwire is available on Amazon!

Tightwire, my second novel, follows Caroline Black (from Hollywood High: Achieve The Honorable) into her first year as a psychology intern. The story tracks one year of work with her first patient, Collier, who is seductive, feisty, troubled and brilliant. The book portrays Caroline’s training in a community psych clinic in San Francisco, including sessions with Collier and meetings with her supervisor – all completely fictional.

As I wrote the novel, I thought about the messages I hoped to convey. I wrote Tightwire as a voice against the stigma often attached to psychotherapy. The book strongly supports same-sex parents, and encourages people to be true to their own sexuality, including exploring and questioning their sexual identity. With the recent, long-overdue focus on sexual assault in the media, I decided to use my writing to explore emotional issues surrounding healthy sex, unhealthy sex, and sexual assault. I tried to treat the issues with clarity, respect and empathy. In the end, Tightwire is a story of hope and healing.

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