In It Together

As a writer, I’ve been asking myself how I can help as we all face a situation most of us never imagined. 

From now until April 30, 2020, I’ll be donating my book sale profits to help people cope with the pandemic. With so many of us staying at home, I hope my books can provide a good story, moments of shared humor, the chance to connect to the characters even as we experience the necessary isolation of social distancing. 

Hollywood High: Achieve The Honorable 

HHATH follows Caroline Black through tenth grade, as she transfers from a college prep academy to the local public school, which opens her world. The students speak over forty languages, and no single racial heritage is a majority. She also finds extreme violence targeting the gay students. The novel traces Caroline’s group of friends’ dawning awareness of homophobia in themselves and their community, as they navigate paths to becoming allies. 

Ages 15 and up


Caroline Black, now in psych grad school, enters her rookie year as a psych intern. Her first patient, Collier Z. Tratner, is stormy, seductive, complex and brilliant. The story tracks one year of their therapy, as Caroline helps Collier confront a troubled past filled with secrets that haunt him. The novel unfolds through three perspectives — the new therapist scrambling to build a treatment — the patient struggling to heal — the supervisor guiding the young therapist through the complex emotional terrain of her first case.

Ages 18 and up


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