Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence is a natural disaster. My home — Chapel Hill, NC — was originally forecast to be much more in the line of fire. But as we all know, hurricanes don’t follow the rules. In a thoughtless gesture, Florence turned first to the south, then followed a circuitous path north and west, sparing Chapel Hill the worst of its fury. Chapel Hill did sustain damage, but nothing like the areas which have been devastated.

Although of course I feel relief, I don’t feel at all good, because this change meant other areas took the hit for Chapel Hill. To help people hit hardest, I will be donating all September profits from the sale of my novels. 

My novels are ebooks and cost only $2.99.  They can be put directly on a Kindle, or on any electronic device using Amazon’s “Free Reading Apps.” I’ve included the descriptions of the novels below, with the links. You can buy a novel for your own library, or give a book as a gift. 

Thank you for helping people recover from Hurricane Florence.

Hollywood High: Achieve The Honorable

I wrote my first novel in reaction to seeing gay students bullied in high school. The story follows Caroline Black through tenth grade, as she leaves her college prep academy for the local public school. At Hollywood High, she finds over 40 native languages, gangs, extreme violence targeting the gay students, and friendships that open her world. Parents might consider sharing the book with adolescents navigating the social and emotional mine fields of high school.

Click on the link to read reviews and purchase Hollywood High.


My second novel continues to follow Caroline Black, this time as a psych intern treating her first patient — a stormy, brilliant, troubled young man who ran away from the circus to find himself. The story follows a fictional psychotherapy from three perspectives: the rookie therapist scrambling to build a treatment; the patient struggling to heal; the supervisor working to guide the young therapist through the complex emotional terrain of her first case.

Click on the link to read reviews and purchase Tightwire.

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