Quiz Of The Day — LeBron James And Donald Trump

Donald Trump has launched one of his Twitter-Attacks against LeBron James. Take the following quiz to test your knowledge of America’s Greatness.

Donald Trump’s Problem With LeBron James Stems From:

A. LeBron James is using his wealth to help others, which sets an unfortunate example.

B. LeBron James supports equal education for all, an annoying belief which gets in the way of white privilege, marginalization, stomping on the underserved, and a long list of values which make America great again (and again and again).

C. The color of LeBron James’ skin causes President Trump to experience discomfort, and Mr. James should apologize profusely.

D.Since LeBron James is an outstanding athlete, his acting with a social conscience, thoughtfulness, care, generosity, intelligence — well, it’s inappropriate and worse, it challenges the stereotype of a brainless black athlete, which is discourteous to those of us who prefer not to think.

E. LeBron James has expressed opinions which disagree with Donald Trump — which is just plain rude.

F. All of the above.


Amy Kaufman Burk is a therapist-turned-author. Her first novel, Hollywood High: Achieve The Honorable, was written in reaction to seeing gay students bullied in high school. The story follows Caroline Black through tenth grade, as her school’s diversity opens her world. Tightwire, Amy’s second novel, continues to follow Caroline, this time as a rookie psych intern treating her first patient — a stormy, brilliant, troubled young man who ran away from the circus to find himself. Amy’s blog includes posts about the resistance, gender equality, mental health, LGBTQ+ ally support, #NeverAgain, racial equality, parenting. Amy collaborates with educators who include her books and essays in their classrooms.

Click on the link to visit Amy’s Author Page — read reviews, check out the first few chapters, see her latest blog posts.


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