Tightwire Description

Tightwire, my second novel, will be available for the December holidays. I loved the process of writing the story, and I’m so excited to launch the book. Here’s the description:

Tightwire, the second novel from author Amy Kaufman Burk (Hollywood High: Achieve The Honorable), follows the determined and multifaceted Caroline Black into her rookie year as a psychology intern. Her first patient, Collier Z. Tratner, is stormy, seductive, complex and brilliant. Tightwire tracks one year of their therapy, as Caroline helps Collier confront a troubled past filled with secrets that haunt him. Watching Collier grow motivates Caroline to learn from her own mistakes and confront her own troubled past. Through their commitment to working together, Caroline and Collier deeply influence each other.

In Tightwire, Amy Kaufman Burk continues to explore the LGBTQIA themes of her first novel, Hollywood High: Achieve The Honorable. As Collier builds a new life for himself, he questions his own sexual identity. He develops his first close friendship with a man, who is gay. He finds role-model parents in a lesbian couple with two children.

Tightwire explores the empowerment of healthy sex and sexuality, and the complicated layers of hurtful sex. As Collier gains new perspective, he discovers his own capacity to heal emotionally, including sexually.

Amy’s Author Page On Amazon


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